Saturday, April 30, 2011

CtC-At the Bell

33:35. Not too shabby. Details later.


Blew up..must eat. Not likely to break 32 hours this time.

That's ok...still been a good ride.


It's 6:30, and we shall surely perish without coffee and pastries.

CtC-Back on the road

It's 2 you know where your randos are? Leaving hotel...

Friday, April 29, 2011

CtC-Waffle House

Must consume mass quantities, then sleep. A shower may also be warranted.


Shockingly, we stopped at Sheetz.

Making decent time, will hit tunnels before dark.


At Giant Eagle in Bedford. The sun came out, the road went down instead of up, and I decidef life was worth living. :)


Mud. Many miles of mud.


Time for lunch


75 miles, 16.3 avg. No sun...


Quick nature break. Cool, but not too bad.

CtC-Let the fun begin

Nothing like a little cold rain to start off a nice ride.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

BoB 2011- Made it.

I'm done...stick a fork in me.

Details later. Fun, but I'm glad it's over.

BoB 2011- Speedway in London

Caught a brief nap on a picnic table...feel almost human. Almost.
221 miles in, only 25 miles to go in the next two hours.

BoB 2011- Speedway in Xenia

Many noisy youth. Buncha reprobates, should be home in bed.


BoB 2011- Yellow Springs

Weather good, brain shutting down. Incoherence setting in.

Feeblevester morpgh ploof.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

BoB 2011- St. Paris

Wind died down, so things are looking up.

Rick is bailing out here, leaving myself, Larry, and Mike

153.8, 14.4 mph average.

BoB 2011- Subway in Sidney

Mile 133.6, 14.5 mph average.

We're running up against the time limit. Hopefully, we can still make it under the wire. We shall see...88 miles in 8.5 hours is doable.

BoB 2011- Flooded lake

Two more inches of water, and we would have been looking at a long detour...

BoB 2011- Controle 4: McDonalds

Running a bit behind, weather looking ominous. This bodes poorly for our heroes

BoB 2011- Wendy's in Kenton

Yay, lunch.

83.9 miles, 15.2 mph rolling average. Headwinds are deadly. :)

BoB 2011-Kenton

Holy headwinds, Batman.

BoB 2011-Controle 3

At the Backwoods Store. A bit of headwind on the way in. The sun has shown its face, and all is well with the world.

BoB 2011-Controle 2

43.16 miles, 17.2 mph average. 
Been fun thus far...wet roads, but no precip. Traffic has been both scarce and polite.

Time for brekky at Bob Evans!

BoB 2011-36 miles in

BoB 2011-The start

Friday, April 22, 2011

BoB 2011-The hotel

This pic was taken through the Ortlieb waterproof pouch. Ok quality, methinks.